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Custom Granite Countertops in Eastern Oklahoma

At That Other Granite Shop, our custom granite countertops offer an affordable solution to any renovation project in the Sallisaw, OK area.  Our countertop installation crew delivers amazing craftsmanship and well-mannered service for all our customers.

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 Even if you have some knowledge of home renovations, countertop installations necessitate skills and tools that you most likely don’t own. Instead of endangering your well-being and your property, we would love to manage your countertop project. With our assistance, we save you time, money, and stress. When you partner with us, you get economical rates, quick service, and top notch craftsmanship. We serve the Sallisaw, OK area, and we have shown ourselves as the best custom granite countertop company in the industry.

We work diligently to give a top level of superiority that is simply unmatched in the countertop construction sector. From beginning to end, our Sallisaw, OK countertop installation contractors fulfill their goals.

When it comes to granite countertop installations, you have more designs than ever from which to select from. Whether you want a high-end upgrade, or you’re remodeling on a budget, we’ve got what you want. That Other Granite Shop is the top business for custom granite countertops in Sallisaw, OK and when you pick us, you profit from our commitment to brilliance and attention to detail.

If you want custom counter tops, you have the choice to directly select the stone slabs used for your job. With countertops from us, we provide your work and living space with a unique look. Granite countertops bring opulence and beauty to any property. Granite is a truly resilient natural stone. Moreover, it doesn’t possess organic material. Thus, granite countertops possess extremely sanitary surfaces because they don’t hold microbes or germs.

Granite countertops are perfect for Sallisaw, OK property owners looking for maintenance-free countertops that are visually appealing. Scratches don’t exist when you have granite countertops. Veggies and other food items can be chopped and sliced right on the granite surface. Our crew takes pride in providing outstanding workmanship, installing and sealing your countertops correctly without changing the finish or color of the stone surface.

If you think that you have to get a complete room remodel to get the look of your dreams, think again. Changing your old countertops with new ones is an amazing way to enhance your space with that WOW factor. Regardless of the type of style concept you have in mind, you can have a customer countertop that will bring your vision to fruition. Custom countertops are created in all shapes and sizes in order to compliment any décor.

Whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or the reception desk, countertops get used tremendously every day. If you want a new one, trust our Oklahoma installation contractors to deliver remarkable wok and exceptional service. With our creative workmanship, you are able to update your living or workspace and enhance its value at the same time.

When you tell us about your countertop intentions, particularly your concepts and ideas for new countertops, our contractors aid you in selecting the right design, durability, and size that promises to go beyond your expectations. We want to help you in making your countertop project a resonating success. If you are looking for the “best custom countertop company near me,” your search is over.

Our greatest traits are customer satisfaction and high-quality products. We meet any countertop design requirement at a competitive rate. Our mission is for your experience with us to be as hassle-free as possible. If you are looking for a custom granite countertop contractor in Sallisaw, OK who provide top notch installation or replacement service, use That Other Granite Shop.